I bought a franchise at the beginning of the year. I was promised loads of things that never happened. Their products are overpriced, they have no system, there's no support and the 'work' they promised turned out to be a load of online generated leads that get sent out to 5 other companies.

Their contract does not comply with the consumer protection act. They don't reply if you complain about something. You are required to use their suppliers, but you have to compete with the very same suppliers for business.

Do not buy a franchise from these guys! You will lose a lot of money.

Monetary Loss: $7400.

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Gener8 have proved to be a supportive franchise and an excellent group good products good support a good business I am glad I bought in well done Gener8 PM


Thanks! The numerous spelling mistakes in their sales pitch document kind of made me wonder! Also the fact the no franchise numbers on their site!!

to Notsold #786520

We are looking to buy a Gener 8 franchise. We need some assurance that everything will be ok? Please tell me about your experience with the company!!


Agree, Obviously a person who cannot adapt to new technology, `Gener 8 has delivered as expected - Successful Franchisee now for 2 years


Statement above is incorrect, i bought a franchise quite a few years back and has turned out to be one of the best decisions `i made, `well done `Gener 8

to PV #786519

Hi - we are looking to buy a Gener 8 franchise. The above makes me worry. Are things going well with your business?

to Nelsieblom Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1029573

Gener 8 is a well established franchise with since 2007 and well recognised with the DOE and ESKOM, the complainant has no grounds to complain, the business is sound and all agreements comply with the relevant regulations and acts. This is one of the best solar energy franchises out there, I have being operating since 2014 and its a huge success, Its a matter of running a business

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